Case Study: how to accelerate your Ad Network using Admixer technology

We are frequently asked about successful cases on how our technology helped with the development of a particular network. We’ve already published the Case Study about our partner network from Jordan Brandformance, but this time we’re eager to introduce our another partner—one of the leading Ukrainian ad networks Go2Net. This case should be interesting for networks owners in growing markets like MENA, some countries in Asia and LATAMmarkets, where the monopoly of digital advertising majors, like Google or Facebook, is not as strong as for instance in Europe and the US yet, and where publishers are still ready to join together into direct networks. Moreover, such publishers should unite and create independent local networks in order to avoid the full monopoly of leaders. This case explains the very first steps of digital ad networks formation and the importance of a good network management technology usage at a stage of early development in order to enable its further growth.

Go2Net started their business in 2007, working as a mediator between several publishers and advertisers. Until the amount of partners was small, the network owners had easily managed the network without any technological solution. But soon the quantity of partners started to grow, advertisers started to require sites of specific segments, like “Tourism”, “Sport”, “Auto” etc. Small publishers, in turn, wanted to cooperate with big well-known advertisers, which was hard to achieve via direct contracts. Also, it became necessary to reduce time, spent on ad campaigns creation, and to decrease operating expenses in general. As every publisher and advertiser used their own technology, the discrepancies in statistical data was a challenge as well.

In 2016, Go2Net began to search for a solution, which could meet their needs. Admixer platform for ad networks creation and management .Network was exactly what they were looking for. The ability to work with inventory of different types, to offer grouped inventory for sale, to set commission for each publisher and site, which was automatically calculated; additional monetization through Admixer.Adexchange programmatic demand and, finally, super detailed real-time reports these features were instrumental for Network’s publishers. Regarding buy-side, advertisers could create ad campaigns using templates for incredible NON-Standard rich-media banners building and utilize new, precise targetings. The Network received an opportunity to reduce time for manual handling and to streamline the process of inventory and ad campaigns management. Previously it had been planned to hire more employees to reach these goals, and our new partners were happy to avoid this additional expense. Good price and support team nearby also became significant factors.

Thus, Go2Net received a comprehensive technology ready to be scaled. The number of new contracts increased and, eventually, the revenue started to grow as well. Network strengthened the relationship with publishers and simplified the payment process. It became more convenient to use one complete platform, which combined different price models, payment options and, what is more important, different reports types together. Now every publisher (as well as an advertiser) could login their own account and look through one single interface, where all the stats was calculated and consolidated. Also, it should be noted, that publishers received one unified system to run absolutely diverse inventory types: simple display banners, video, native and rich-media. The Network could group all the inventory as it wished and sell it through packages to advertisers. The platform was completely transparent and all the participants received access to all the required information on prices, domains, etc., through real-time reports.

In addition to ad tech, Go2Net also connected Admixer worldwide programmatic demand, which was possible through seamless integration to Admixer.Adexchange. After a while, they connected to Admixer DMP to use its data for precise audience targeting by age, gender and interests. In 2 years our partners have doubled their impressions volumes, which still keep growing.


“We are excited to cooperate with Admixer. They offer not only smart technology but also a media expertise, which is priceless!”

Anna Melnychuk, CEO of Go2Net.


If you have any comments or questions regarding the product or article, or you are interested in more details, please leave the comments below or reach Irina Kostiuk via email:

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