Divide ads and rule over ad delivery

1 December 2017

A publisher of any size gets the capacities  to optimize the performance of their inventory, when they work with the third-party ad platforms. The first and the easiest step is to divide the ad placements by the categories. The ads within one website can differ in subject of the content. Let us run you through the technological specifics.

Why divide your website into sections

Let’s take a vivid example. An advertiser has some tech gadgets to promote. This advertiser can choose a website, that is divided into topical sections. It allows for the advertising of women’s epilators only on the webpages, which contain materials on fashion. This way, you are targeting your ads on relevant viewers.

Another positive factor is that you can avoid delivering your ads in the wrong context. It helps you stay away from possible negative associations. A website may contain the info on sensitive topics, including religions. It would be a big mistake to use provocative ads here. Instead, publishers may sell this part of inventory to the non-profit organisations. As a cherry on top, it makes them look thoughtful.

divide religion

A publisher that runs an ad of a charity fund specifically in a Religion section of a website.

How it can be done

All ad units that the ads are delivered to can be divided into groups. A group like this may vary in its coverage: a site in whole, several ad units or a single one. The criteria for grouping ad units often are the topics of site’s content.

Functionally, the grouping within the site connects specific ads with the ad units, that you select. As a publisher, after you register the site at the ad platform, you need to create at least one section of ad units.

Some publishers use the division to separate the Main section from the others. The usual thing is to create thematic sections. In the last case, ads are not necessarily directly related to the content of a page. Sections enable the matches between user interests and the offer from advertisers.

What do other publishers do

We’d like to give you a little gift with this article. It bases on the real cases of publishers running their monetization through Admixer ad exchange. Use these examples to build your own system. Don’t forget to use all ad platform’s options for your inventory optimization, and you’ll be able to get the maximum revenue.

website sections divide

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