Top 10 Must-Reads On 2016 E-Commerce Trends

8 February 2017

If you haven’t followed all international e-commerce trends through the year and want to catch on, we’re here to help. We’ve looked through the reliable sources and prepared the most informative research. Get a complete understanding on the current state of e-commerce with our list.

  1. eMarketer offers a report based on its data and insights. The main focus is on the way consumers spend their time and money. The report also serves as a basis for future predictions. According to the forecast, retail e-commerce sales will jump to $3.578 trillions by 2019.
  2. Internet Retailer introduces the 2016 Global 1000. It’s the most comprehensive report and database that profiles, ranks and analyzes 1,000 world’s largest e-retailers. The Global 1000 spotlights top 10 e-retail players. According to the report, these 10 leaders hold nearly half the global market.Making purchases online
  3. PayPal and Ipsos Report: Cross Border Transactions 2016 Merchant & Consumer Comparison. This global survey covers 29 markets, 23000 consumers, 1200 merchants. It explains gaps in merchants’ cross-border strategies, compared to consumer demands/attitudes.
  4. National Association of Remote Commerce has prepared the report called “Crossborder commerce from Russia to China. Utopia or reality?” It gives us all global trends of cross-border e-commerce and a comparison on Russian and Chinese markets. Available for downloading only in Russian.
  5. Global Cross-Border B2C e-Commerce Market 2020: Report highlights & methodology shared by Ali Research. Here we have a forecast of e-commerce growth for all regions (spoiler alert: Asia Pacific demonstrates x7 growth by 2020).
  6. KPCB explaines how development of the technologies influences the e-commerce market. This overview on Chinese market covers global and macro trends as well.
  7. From Research and Markets: Global B2C E-Commerce Market 2016. It summarizes Global Developments, Top 10 Countries by B2C E-Commerce Market Attractiveness Index, Top Developing Economies in B2C E-Commerce Index, Top Countries by Number of Online Shoppers, Top B2C E-Commerce Retailers. Also, it contains an overview of global markets. internation e-commerce market
  8. The brief from Forrester: Global Cross-Border eCommerce Sales Will More Than Double In The Next Five Years. The forecast spans the next couple of years. Mostly, it highlights Chinese market. Its share of online cross-border market will grow up to 40% in 2021. Read more.
  9. Some must-know info from Internetretailer: China changes the tax rules on purchases from overseas e-retailers. There are new rules that are supposed to provide for an exemption from import duties for purchases from foreign websites of up to 2,000 yuan ($306) and add a new tax of 11.9%. This tax is still less than 17% value-added tax paid by consumers in China’s stores.
  10. Lastly, BakerTilluBerk offers an explanation of EU legislation on VAT and e-commerce. On December 1, the European Commission published multiple legislative proposals in the field of VAT and e-commerce. The article covers four most important points of the Commission’s proposals.
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