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Adsider LIVE: Mission Completed [Conference Highlights]

3 June 2020

On May 21, Admixer, together with Adsider, hosted international programmatic conference Adsider LIVE, which gathered online 673 guests from 284 companies and 38 countries.

The audience included adtech specialists, app developers, publishers, brand-side marketers, and representatives of advertising agencies.

For 9 hours, top advertising executives were discussing new technological developments, market transformation, and laid out the industry’s path forward. The conference covered two most pressing issues in advertising today: new ways of app and game monetization and programmatic in the post-cookie era.

Track 1. App and game monetization 

During this track leading mobile experts shared their perspective on the rise in mobile traffic and how app developers and advertisers can benefit. 

The track was moderated by our expert team, Oleg Sokolan, Director of Demand Partnerships, and Kristina Zhulavska, Programmatic Operations Specialist from Admixer.

Here are the highlights of the speeches:

  • Katerina Greenstein (Partner Development Manager at Appsflyer) gave an overview of gaming app marketing. She pointed out the rising share of non-organic installs and emphasized the importance of advertising for game promotion. 
  • Romein Heili (Strategic Publisher Manager at Mopub), followed up with his take on hyper-casual games, how they swiftly evolved into the full-fledged market, and are projected to reach 26% of total ad spent this year.
  • Elena Ivanova (Business Development Manager at Adjust) gave a lecture on attribution and analytics for app marketers. She highlighted the importance of data for gaining deep insights into ROI, effectively engaging users, and cutting costs. 
  • Jakub Vachal (App Specialist at Google) talked extensively on building solutions for the app and user lifecycle. He urged his colleagues to focus on the lifetime value of the users. Jacub shared his expertise in acquiring users, re-engaging them, and delivering smooth omnichannel user experience. 

The track was followed by a Panel Discussion: Making Mobile Matter, moderated by Julia Smith, founder of the Digital Voice. It was a profound industry conversation that included Handren Reach Head of Sales at Adverty, Matthew Goldhill, CEO of Picnic Media, and Liz Duff, Director of Total Media. 

The discussion focused on reframing the conversation about mobile, elevating it from supplementally advertising medium, to a primary channel of interacting with the customers. 

Admixer mobile expertise

Among the mobile thought leaders, was Tetiana Sichko Business Development Manager at Admixer provided a comprehensive picture of the app monetization models and strategies. She reviewed the current market boom with 188bln+ ad revenue, year-to-year growth, and trends in in-app advertising. 

Tetiana gave a complete checklist on bringing the app to profitability, from setting monetization management to selecting tech stack and team. She also provided industry benchmarks for retention rate, average user, and in-app purchase acquisition costs. 

Tetiana outlined the benefits of different ad formats and how to strike the right balance in their niche and retain core users. 

Subscription app monetization model is the most popular according to statistics, but most marketers use a combination of models. This tactic usually shows the best results.

She elaborated on different pricing models for ads and how publishers can maximize their revenue while keeping fraud in check. 

Track 2. Programmatic in the post-cookie era

The post cookie stream gathered everybody affected by the upcoming phase-out of the third party cookies from publishers to agencies and brands.

Nickolas Rekeda Chief Marketing Officer at MGID moderated the second part of the conference together with Anastasiya Baydachenko, a CEO at IAB Ukraine. The speakers mapped out the industry’s future and how it will address various challenges of this transition.

Here are the highlights of the speeches:

  • Benjamin Dick (Senior Director of Product at IAB Tech Lab) talked about new approaches to user privacy, and technological protocols for gathering data with the user’s oversight. He analyzed different proposals of user identification and various frameworks for privacy, such as project Rearc
  • Vidyarth Eluppai Srivatsan (MarTech Director at Coca-Cola) shared his finding on how advertisers will adapt their advertising strategies in the cookie-less world. He summarized how publisher networks could utilize OpenIDs and data partnerships to compete in data with walled gardens like Google and Facebook. 
  • Joanna Burton (Chief Strategy Officer at Id5), defined the main strategies of identifying users in a cookie-less world. She scrutinized shared IDs and cohort analysis and urged advertisers to partake in the initiatives for development privacy-compliant data framework. 
  • Alexander Schott (Founder of AdOps Consulting) outlined the main challenges for publishers in the programmatic ecosystem. He addressed the questions of data collection and consolidation, privacy, and optimal tech stack. 
  • Julia Smith (Founder of Digital Voice) and Robin Zieme (Head of Business Development at Channel Factory) shared their tips on effectively trading audiences while avoiding fraud and putting brand reputation in danger. 
  • Andreas Misera (Senior Director of Operation at Criteo) talked about using artificial intelligence in advertising. He outlined how AI can provide an exhaustive picture of the ad campaign and assess ad effectiveness based on the return on advertising spend. 
  • Cadi Jones (Commercial Director at Beeswax) made an appearance to talk about effective 1st party data strategies for advertisers. In her view, supply path optimization is critical since advertisers are wasting 15% of their ad spend in. 

The block of lectures was finalized by a Panel Discussion: Post-Cookie, which include 

Ezra Pierce CEO of, Liz Salway Global Audience & Data Lead at Nestle, the panel was moderated by Matt Prohaska, CEO of  Prohaska Consulting.

Over the course of the panel, speakers discussed user identifier initiatives and how they are vulnerable to swiftly changing regulatory climate. 

Admixer post-cookie expertise 

Admixer experts Ivan Fedorov (New Business Director) and Elena Podshuveit (Chief Products Officer) gave a lecture on the future of data-driven advertising. 

Ivan addressed the main changes in privacy regulation and their implication for the advertising world. Ivan analyzed various industry initiatives for data-collection and privacy, and user identity solutions, such as Unified ID, Data pools, and User Graphs.

Elena described how the decision to abandon 3rd party cookies has already affected CPMs and programmatic revenues of the desktop publishers. She urged them to adopt 1st-party data collection to remain viable on the market:

If you started today, you would have one and a half years to make all the steps to avoid forecasted losses in the post-cookie era.

Elena provided an extensive summary of choosing the right partnerships and tech providers to leverage the publisher’s data. 

You can still access the recordings of the conference on Adsider LIVE. If you’ve registered for the conference before May 21, all lectures are available in your Admixer.Academy account. If you haven’t registered but want to get access, please send an email to

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