DMEXCO 2019 with Admixer Team

DMEXCO 2019: Get ready with Admixer

15 August 2019

Is it your first time when you’re planning to visit DMEXCO? Admixer is heading to DMEXCO for the 4th time this year. Here are several useful tips on how to get prepared and to make sure you’ll spend this time efficiently and have fun too ๐Ÿ™‚

Plan your expo and conference visit

It’s a month to go before the event, so you can still jump on the bandwagon and schedule meetings with decision-makers and VIP guests, who are normally have their agendas pretty booked in the mid of August already.    

To booth or not to booth

Either option has its pros. For instance, visiting event without the booth allows you to stay 100% mobile and chat only with companies that interest you most. To spend your time at DMEXCO with maximum efficiency use a mobile app where you can easily reach out to attendees. 

Exhibiting with a booth creates way more opportunities. Make sure your booth design “speaks” clearly what your company is doing and offering. It’s optimal to have 2-4 people from your team staying at the booth all the time and ready to talk to the booth visitors. 

God save digital connection

If you pick the option to exhibit with a booth, take care of the internet connection. When over 40000 people with smartphones got together, they are regularly break down wi-fi, and mobile data connection, too. Still a lot to learn on how to cope with internet from China ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime – arrange a separate hotspot for your stand: saves your nerves plus your team and visitors will appreciate that.


Printed leaflets, nice and useful merch, and business cards are the minimum must-have. Also, we regularly use the screen to show a promo video about the company and explain the ecosystem of products we offer. 

The good thing, you don’t have to declare any merch when traveling. All you need is a large suitcase to bring all the marketing stuff as the regular baggage. Just don’t forget it at the airport! 

A brotip: have some space in your suitcase. After all the meetings youโ€™ll have a handful of merch and leaflets from partners, potentials, and competitors.


Think of prepping some souvenirs, some nice useful stuff to admire your booth guests. Like branded cell phone accessories and chargers, cups, bags and so. 

Another thing to literally bring to the table is water. Being in a rush, having tons of meetings and talking all day long, the visitors will appreciate the chance to have some water at your booth. Also, it’s a good idea to have extra power banks to let your guests (and your team, actually) charge their devices.

Here’s your checklist what to prepare: 

โœ“ Business cards
โœ“ Leaflets
โœ“ Paper, notepads, and pens
โœ“ Branded merch and gifts
โœ“ T-shirts for your team
โœ“ Laptops and tablets
โœ“ Screen adapters
โœ“ Chargers
โœ“ Internet hotspot
โœ“ Bottled water

Pitch like a pro 

When the attendance is enormous (we mean it) it’s essential to speak up to-the-point, or better say, to-the-pain-point. Plan your pitch, make it short and catchy sticking to the best practices of the elevator pitch. It’s essential to do the homework beforehand, as most likely (also from our experience) you’ll start pitching in the plane to Cologne already ๐Ÿ™‚

Party for everybody

Plan your business meetings, and networking, too. Donโ€™t worry if youโ€™re invited to several parties for the same time, DMEXCO community has endless supply of positive charge and party mood. So once you join one party, be ready for the bar swapping.

Plan your stay and weekend

Sure thing, it’s essential to get prepared for the business part of your trip. Yet, you’ll need to have a comfortable stay to take the breath after the day packed with meetings and night loaded with even more networking and communication at the party and after-party. Here’s what’s important to think over.

Hotel vs. Airbnb

If you’re staying at the hotel, little can go wrong. Just double-check everything regarding your stay.

But, if you pick a host via AirBnB, there can be nuances. If you think that German punctuality is just a subject of jokes, please don’t. We’ve checked that for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure you manage to get to your apartment by the prearranged time. Otherwise, if you’re a bit late due to your flight or taxi, your host may just leave.

Other bro tips here: have a list of what’s crucial to make your stay comfortable (including stuff like towels, hairdryer, air conditioner, drinking water, etc.) and ask your host about all of these beforehand. 

Public transport ticket

Along with a DMEXCO ticket, you also get a free Travel Ticket valid for public transport operated by the Rhein-Sieg Transport Authority, and VRS. Get yours via DMEXCO app.

Have some fun

DMEXCO ends on Thursday and is followed by the weekend. Why not mix business with pleasure and plan a road trip to the nearby cities (and countries) after the event? 

For instance, Bruges (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) are fascinating in September and are just 300 km away from Cologne, which will take you about 3 hours by car. There are plenty of car rental services available, letting you arrange the car beforehand or decide in place. For instance, try Sixt, Avis, or plenty of others you can easily find via Google search. 

Enjoy your time at DMEXCO

Plan whatever you can at your best, and be ready for unexpected cases. Do not hesitate to reach out to event moderators or the DMEXCO community in the app for something urgent, and stay positive. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your participation in DMEXCO!

Looking for partnerships in ad tech and programmatic area? Let’s meet up! Drop us a line to schedule meeting at DMEXCO:

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