Admixer visits Google EMEA Think Partner 2017

5 October 2017

Admixer reports from Google EMEA HQ. Our core team is in Dublin right now. We are taking part in Think Partner networking on the main topics of digital advertising.

Admixer is a certified Google DoubleClick AdExchange partner. That’s why Google invited us to visit their conference and participate at the discussion of the most pressing topics in the industry.

native ads

Anna Yashchenko on DoubleClick new features

The agenda of this two-day discussion on the ad tech current state includes the following issues:

  • the future of programmatic direct
  • ADX & DFP
  • partnership building
  • solutions to the industry challenges
  • ads.txt
  • AMP
  • and Google Cloud.

Google invited Admixer representatives among its other long-time partners to have some friendly conversations. It’s a great chance to discuss product updates, innovations, latest trends and best practices.

We asked our CEO and Founder Alexey Boltivets to share with us what’s happening on the stage:

“Right now, we are learning about the future and coming features of Google ADX. Speakers are presenting business cases and the ways for partners to react to the updates. Main topics are ad transparency, brand safety and programmatic direct.”

Programmatic updates from Admixer CEO and CPO

Admixer CEO and CPO report live from Google EMEA HQ

Pressing topics at the main conference and friendly partner networking. We are looking forward for our team to return and share the insights. The inside info on Google future plans is a great source for building strategies on how to adapt to changing market. Follow our news and guides and get ready for the future with us.

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