Admixer.HB+ for Extensive Ad Monetization Released

Admixer, a leading provider of end-to-end ad management solutions for publishers and advertisers, has launched its innovative header bidding platform Admixer.HB+ to drive publishers’ revenue and consolidate monetization within one single platform.

Let us walk you through the new Header Bidding Platform!

In today’s dynamic digital advertising landscape, publishers are continuously seeking innovative solutions to tap into premium advertising demand and monetize their web traffic. Header bidding technology has emerged as a game-changer, enabling publishers to connect with multiple ad networks and DSPs simultaneously, leading to increased bids and maximized ad revenue. Recognizing this need, Admixer developed a header bidding platform, Admixer.HB+, to help publishers achieve their revenue goals.

Admixer.HB+ Key Features

Admixer.HB+ offers a pull of trusted demand partners, including RTB House, Adagio, Magnite, SeedTag, 152Media, YOC, Adtelligent, OneTag, Equativ, Adform, Smile Wanted, Insticator, Pubmatic, and more, that connects publishers’ ad inventory to the thousands and millions of advertisers around the globe, grouped into 390+ content verticals, matching the growing demand for contextual targeting among agencies and brands. At the same time, publishers have an opportunity to add any desired Prebid-compatible partners for precise control over monetization management.

Admixer.HB+ provides flexible configuration options, allowing publishers to integrate their ad server and Prebid-compatible SSPs, as well as activate Admixer-managed (and pre-integrated) HB+ Marketplace partners. This streamlines operations needed, enhancing overall efficiency and enabling the unification of all revenue sources into one platform without the need for additional manual settings and accounting.

In addition, the platform comes loaded with features designed to refine publishers’ advertising yield. Within its optimizations arsenal – it offers Multi-Size Ad Units and CPM Floor Management, which enable the granularity needed to maximize revenue from each placement and leave an authentic web view. The platform’s plug-and-play lightweight infrastructure addresses the performance impact associated with web integrations. In-View Rendering and Smart Refresh for ad units help publishers achieve optimized performance metrics without compromising user experience.

Brand safety and privacy are core tenets of Admixer.HB+: the platform uses The Media Trust’s Real-Time Media Filter for protection from malvertising, scams, heavy ads, and sensitive content. Additionally, the proprietary Creative Management Module helps block specific ad categories, advertisers, or individual ad creatives, providing a customizable and secure ecosystem. The platform also incorporates Lexicon UIM for cookieless inventory monetization, prioritizing user privacy in compliance with evolving industry standards.

Connection to the top demand sources, integration to other monetization platforms, and optimization algorithms offered by Admixer.HB+ helps to drive ad revenue when compared to traditional monetization platforms.

More enhancements are yet to come. To know more about Admixer.HB+, visit

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