Tips of the Day

Deploying video ads

Video ad format is your grenade launcher in the battle for user attention. It helps overcome banner blindness and provides for better user engagement. The demand for programmatic video continues its rise. That’s why the need remains to catch the right wave and make the best use of your video ad content.

Top 10 Must-Reads On 2016 E-Commerce Trends

If you haven’t followed all international e-commerce trends through the year and want to catch on, we’re here to help. We’ve looked through the reliable sources and prepared the most informative research. Get a complete understanding on the current state of e-commerce with our list.

Webmaster day

Today is April, 4th. 4.04. Something well-nown, isn’t it? Yes, this horrible 404-page-not-found. And not surprising that today we’re celebrating The Webmaster Day. Congratulations, dear publishers! And here is some great examples of 404-page design for inspiration.

Innovative publishing by The New York Times

Today is a very odd times for publishers: prints are still suffering and publishers with a big name are in constant competition with online-only upstarts. Moreover, digital world is changing every second, and it doesn’t matter how big you are or how long you are present on market, if you can’t adjust, you can’t survive.

Best Mobile Audience Monetization Models

The number of active smartphone users worldwide hit 2 billion in 2015, as a result content consumption is shifting from desktop to mobile devices. 

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