Programmatic in-house teams

So, we noticed that we’re finishing almost all our articles with something like “hop on”, “catch up”, “before it’s not too late” or “stop being a dinosaur”. Of course, no one can move as fast as digital advertising world is evolving.

How to combat ad fraud

Ad fraud. We’re using words “favorite subject” so often that they’ve already lost its value. Our digital world was developing alongside with digital ads and fraud in digital ads.

Video inventory monetization

We have already made a post about the rising star of video advertising. This time we collected some fresh figures about the state of the industry and publishers’ reaction.

Ad server for publishers

You’ve heard a lot about, but does not know what exactly ad server does. What is adserving, why publisher should use one and what are the first steps to start with – read in our Q&A. 

Digital media consumption and time spent

Recently Ofcom published an in-depth research about adult British media consumption. The report is 203 pages, so we collected the main numbers to save your time.   

Guide on improving ad viewability - Admixer.blog

Last week IAB released March Primer for Publishers with main insights how to increase viewability and what should be noted.

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