Admixer has joined the ad platforms that require ads.txt integration from their partners. We want to explain publishers why they need to cooperate and how to start.

Hybrid programmatic benefits

Hybrid programmatic is Admixer offer to publishers who want to get the best of different monetization technologies.

Monetization tips for digital publishers

The use of unpopular ad formats by websites may lead to the losses in monetization. A much better way would be to look into smart optimization techniques.

camera hand

Media publishers are pushing the use of video ads for better monetization. One thing they could add to the mix is to sell video ad placements via header bidding.

Programmatic privacy regulations - Admixer blog

An event on 10 August has stirred a renewed attention to the ad blocking issue. The blocking side accused a company of using US copyright law to push through its ads.

Ads.txt - programmatic industry standard

Programmatic made all players equal, including the shady ones. The industry regulators with sufficient tech capabilities at hands are called on to find the solution for improving ad buying experience. IAB offers us its ads.txt idea to look into.

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