Mobile video ads for ad revenues - Admixer blog

Mobile ad sector has grown out of the role of a rising star. The figures prove it takes the leading position now. According to the latest IAB report, last year resulted in mobile ads bringing the greater part of overall online ad revenue in the USA.

Facebook and programmatic - Admixer blog

Facebook aims at further implementation of Header Bidding solutions across mobile platforms. The recent announcement made by the company states they are opening Audience Network for publishers using Header Bidding.

Ad blocker influence on ads

There is little doubt you already know the hottest news on the market. Google reportedly plans to add an in-built ad blocker to its Chrome browser. We’ve gathered all insights shared over the weekend and prepared a report for you.

Ad fraud types - Admixer.blog

Fraudsters can be really innovative in getting their piece of the pie. Their methods change, and so should the reaction. Know your enemy’s face: learn the main trends and get ready to answer.

Ad exchanges advantages

Current market trends show that open ad exchanges are losing their positions. Analysts call them nonviable. Such statement is backed by a number of facts.

Programmatic takes over direct deals - Admixer blog

Programmatic’s victory march goes on. This time, it’s all thanks to Programmatic Direct. The new link in the ad server chain allows for programmatic advertising to get even bigger revenue. And upcoming trends promise a continuing rise.

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