Ad exchanges advantages

Current market trends show that open ad exchanges are losing their positions. Analysts call them nonviable. Such statement is backed by a number of facts.

Programmatic takes over direct deals - Admixer blog

Programmatic’s victory march goes on. This time, it’s all thanks to Programmatic Direct. The new link in the ad server chain allows for programmatic advertising to get even bigger revenue. And upcoming trends promise a continuing rise.

Ad fraud in China - Admixer blog

As we know, ad exchanges operate fully automatically. Due to the lack of human control, ad fraudsters are able to use non-human traffic activity for gaining profit. Ad fraud happens all over the world, yet in China the problem is particularly severe.

Adtech insights and predictions- Admixer blog

At the end of the year, we decided, to sum up the predictions and forecasts for 2017 and to try to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen.

Common mistakes of digital publishers

We’ve summarized common vendors’ feedbacks on their work with publishers.

Ad blocker influence on publishers

Do you remember that “We messed up” open letter written to Advertisers by IAB from October 2015?

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