premium publishers

Publishers rarely get the opportunity to discuss their problems with monetization. The issues keep boiling in a closed cooking pot of the sell side. It was quite natural, that when premium publishers got together, lots of issues were voiced.

ad fraud verification

Ad networks, DSPs, ad agencies and advertisers are pouring lots of money to make an impact on real people. Major finance flows attract fraudsters that want to get their piece of pie. That’s where the need for third-party traffic verification arises.


Admixer has come to Berlin to join the discussion of most pressing topics among programmatic sector actors.

askfm publisher moneitazion

We are starting a series of interviews with our partners on our cooperation experience. The goal is to highlight the monetization process for newbie publishers. Learn the practical cases to draw your own monetization strategy.

ad exchange

Do you like The Wall Street movie? It sure makes trading exchanges look fun, but doesn’t quite explain them. Digital ad exchange comes from the primer exchange principles. We’ll explain its basics below.

google ads txt

Google spokespeople have just announced they will no longer perform any further ad transactions without ads.txt authorization starting this month. Admixer team learned it first-hand at the Think Partner conference at Google Dublin HQ.

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