How To

ad network

Want to set up your own ad network? Don’t know where to start? You might consider some of our advises.

audience tracking

Programmatic traditionally uses cookies for audience targeting. The data gathered this way can get fragmented. Marketers are looking for new forms of user identification. 


When looking for the revenue, publishers have different options what to connect to. They can either turn to affiliate market or enter into direct relationships. Since both notions – advertising and affiliate network – appear in the same context, there is the need to clarify their distinction.


The measurement of ad viewability remains a pressing topic, although publishers had raised it many times before.


Two words, RTB and Programmatic, often appear next to each other. How are they connected? Let’s structure the info.

ad auction

A number of ad exchanges announced they will open the info on the type of ad auction publishers bid in. Why is it even a problem? And what’s the difference between auction types? Let’s dive in.

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