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Programmatic Buying Waterfall

Currently, an increasing number of publishers is turning to Header Bidding solutions. This puts us in need of recommendations on how to use its benefits properly. With that, let’s step back and answer the question – why did the need for an alternative programmatic buying process arise?

Boosting video ad revenue

Prioritization of video sector has proven to be an inherent step in maximising the profits from advertising. There is no magic formula as to gaining the maximum. Yet there are the key areas one should focus on. And we are ready to present them.

Effective data management

TBWA Worldwide’s global data director is known for combining logic and creativity in his work. Baker Lambert has launched a number of successful campaigns for such global brands, as Nissan, AirBNB, Twitter, Gatorade, Adidas and GoDaddy. As he states, most marketers focus on targeting and ROI, while missing out on using data as a tool to get the message across.

Guide for better ads viewability

No one can be that mean to those folks who decided to place ads where no one can see it. They’re using their impeccable knowledge of human behavior and producing something brilliant and catchy.

Publishers’ monetization - Admixer blog

We’re sure that noticed that most sites are in a constant search of an optimal interface and user experience to increase ads revenues. Content presentation, visual effects, design itself, informational structure, those things should be perfect for users or at least on its way to perfect.

Create banners with highest CTR

The main purpose of a banner is to catch user`s eye and attract his attention to go to the advertiser’s website. The case of Renault campaign reflects the approach to reaching high KPIs.

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