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Making your first step in programmatic native

Programmatic native is your way to get the highest revenue and make your ad content appealing at the same time. It’s the combination of native format’s engaging nature and the mechanism of growing your revenue through auction bids.

Safeguarding your brand in a programmatic process

Programmatic buying is known to be followed by the issue of brand safety. It does not mean though that your brand is doomed without the direct negotiations. Programmatic is driven by data, not relationship building. Thus, it requires data-driven adjustments for keeping your brand safe.

The basics of improving your creative’s performance

Are you sure you’re paying enough attention to the core of your advertising strategy? The nerve and sinew of your ad campaign’s body? The frame of your promotion vehicle?

Reward users and they’ll watch your video ads in full

Most viewers finish a video ad when promised a reward

How Header Bidding has drained the Waterfall

Currently, an increasing number of publishers is turning to Header Bidding technology. This puts us in need of recommendations on how to use its benefits properly. With that, let’s step back and answer the question – why did the need for an alternative programmatic buying process arise?

How to boost your video revenue

Prioritization of video sector has proven to be an inherent step in maximising the profits from advertising. There is no magic formula as to gaining the maximum. Yet there are the key areas one should focus on. And we are ready to present them.

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