Adtech Insights

Best tips for digital publishers

We tried to summarize some of best practices of top publishers; tip can be useful and can help you to strengthen your reputation and bring something new and interesting to your visitors’ experience.

Ad tech and programmatic predictions

Analyst from Business Insider  — BI Intelligence — published their report concerning 25 main trends in technology development. Admixer has highlighted those, which matter ad industry the most. 

Ways to combat ad block

Let’s try to figure out all ins and outs of the fight between publishers and ad blocker and why everybody is screaming and yelling. 

Global programmatic trends - Admixer blog

WAN-IFRA prepared in-depth research among digital executives around the world where they will focus their digital strategies this year to sum up insights into digital trends globally. We are publishing full list of results, direct speach below

Balanced approach to publisher monetization

Income from digital ads is still the main source of publisher’s revenue. However ad blocking tools is the reason why publisher became extra preoccupied in 2015. Which became the reason of constant search of new approaches to lifetime valuable user experience.  

Audience optimization for publishers - Admixer blog

Product manager Peter Roybal announced the launch of organic targeting tool Audience Optimization, saying that the tool and its new features are available to all English-language pages, and they will automatically be turned on for pages with more than 5,000 likes.

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