Adtech Insights

Digital media consumption and time spent

Recently Ofcom published an in-depth research about adult British media consumption. The report is 203 pages, so we collected the main numbers to save your time.   

Guide on improving ad viewability -

Last week IAB released March Primer for Publishers with main insights how to increase viewability and what should be noted.

Real-time bidding for publishers

If you are publishers here are some benefits you can gain with the automated auction of ad impressions.

How programmatic compete with Google

Facebook, Apple and Google launching its own news aggregator platform. What is the price of the fast and clean reading experience? 

The growth of mobile video consumption, new trends of online video metrics and a new focus on online streaming. What will it mean for us?Let’s dig a little bit deeper and look through these trends.

Global programmatic trends

The adtech view is more about applying programmatic for digital ads. However, many buyers often have viewed these technologies as something they don’t need to think about, a publisher-facing technology that has no impact on their decision-making. Which is false approach.

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