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We’re sure that noticed that most sites are in a constant search of an optimal interface and user experience to increase ads revenues. Content presentation, visual effects, design itself, informational structure, those things should be perfect for users or at least on its way to perfect.

The main purpose of a banner is to catch user`s eye and attract his attention to go to the advertiser’s website. The case of Renault campaign reflects the approach to reaching high KPIs.

You’ve heard a lot about, but does not know what exactly ad server does. What is adserving, why publisher should use one and what are the first steps to start with – read in our Q&A. 

Recently Knight Foundation published a huge report based on a research study conducted with Nielsen and commissioned by Knight Foundation to explore how people use mobile platforms for news. We hightlighed the main figures and conclusions for you to focus on. 

When we talk about optimization most of the time we think about search engine optimization or content marketing. Somehow page speed optimization is often dropped out of sights.

Recently Ofcom published an in-depth research about adult British media consumption. The report is 203 pages, so we collected the main numbers to save your time.   

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